Lodging & Meals

“The staff was great and the food they prepared was delicious.”

Guest Group Member

Sally Stephens Dining Hall

150 people

The Sally Stephens Dining Hall is one of our original camp buildings dating back to 1946, and it continues to be the main hub for campers and retreat groups to share meals together while at camp.  The Dining Hall is functional for both family-style and buffet-style dining, with family-style occurring mostly in our summer camp setting. With our 75th anniversary right around the corner, the importance renovating the existing Dining Hall structure has been moved up to the top of the priority list.  Plans to expand the dining area to accommodate more people, improve the kitchen area, and add public bathrooms are in the works!

Main Camp Cabins

8 people per cabin

Our Main Camp consists of twenty-four cabins that each have central heat and air. Each cabin has four bunk beds, two showers, two private bathroom stalls, two sinks and a hanging rack for wet towels and clothes.

The interior of the cabin also has tiled flooring as well as a ceiling fan. The exterior of the cabin has a front porch with a sitting area so that, rain or shine, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of each day.

Clyde & Mary Hall Lodge

4 people

The Clyde & Mary Hall Lodge is a great place both for private lodging and meals for smaller retreat groups. The upstairs of the Lodge contains two private rooms, and each room includes two twin beds and a private bathroom complete with a sink, toilet, and shower. The downstairs of the Lodge is a multi-purpose space that can be used for meetings, workshops, or dining.  The downstairs also includes a fully functioning kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, coffee machine, sink, and oven. For groups to be allowed to cook their own meals in the Lodge, they must have a minimum of 35 people.

Adventure Camp

30 people

Built in 2008, Adventure Camp has served as a more rustic retreat experience for those groups wishing to be even more set apart in the wilderness.  Overlooking beautiful Lake Stephens, Adventure Camp is an open-air and solar powered facility.  The dining room includes a kitchen area, two half bathrooms, and cooking equipment and utensils. There are also two bunk rooms, each with space to accommodate 14 people. Attached to each bunk room are bathrooms with three sinks and stalls, plus four outdoor showers. Not connected to the main building but still in the Adventure Camp community is a bungalow perfect for group leaders. The bungalow has two twin beds and its own bathroom and shower.

Louise Sharpe Infirmary

4 people

The Louise Sharpe Infirmary is used as an additional lodging space during retreat season. It contains two private rooms that are available for booking, and each room contains two twin beds and a full bathroom. The Infirmary also contains a common meeting room with comfortable seating.

The Resting Place

Sleeps one person

New to our retreat lodging facilities is The Resting Place. This cozy cabin will be open as a Sabbath retreat space for both United Methodist and local clergy and church workers. The Resting Place contains one single bed, a full bathroom, and a sitting area. It also includes a refrigerator, small cooking area, and a microwave. For those wishing to experience rest and solitude, The Resting Place could be the place for you!

All guest groups must fill out an Event Contract as well as abide by the Guest Group Policies.  After reviewing the group policies, we also ask groups to sign the Policy Acceptance Form.

For more information on rates and how to book your event, email sally@camplakestephens.com.