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“My experiences here changed my life for the better. This place created some of my fondest memories and gave me some of my most favorite friends. I am forever grateful and blessed.”

Former camper and staff member

Coronavirus Response

Is Summer 2020 canceled?

The Camp Lake Stephens Board of Directors has cancelled all our usual summer 2020 programming based on recommendations from medical, insurance, government and ACA information. Safety of our campers, staff, and extended family is our priority. The reality of how much of our program and activities would have to be modified to operate this summer also was included in this difficult decision.

What about Camp Rainbow?

We are working on locating a date in the fall that we might be able to do a modified Camp Rainbow.  More information will be out as soon as we can be sure we can locate the staff and all restrictions on Covid-19 are lifted. 

How can I receive my refund?

We have four options for deposits and payments already processed for summer 2020

First option: Move your amount to one of our fall retreats or Summer 2021. We will honor the 2020 camp fees for similar programming

Second option: Donate your full payment to camp

Third option: Make a partial donation and refund of remaining deposit and balance.

Fourth option: Full refund of deposit and remaining balance.  We will be making these refunds as quickly as possible, however due to our loss of spring retreat revenue, our cash flow is significantly restricted.

To do this please fill out the survey/link in the email that was sent on April 27th

Link to email

If you did not receive this, please email:

Will any activities occur in the place of Summer 2020?

We do have plans to open camp slowly during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the federal government’s plan of reopening the country. Phase 2 events will consist of small groups of families being allowed onto our property for limited contact programming we provide. Phase 3 events will consist of opening camp more to small youth, church, and family gatherings. We will have more information about that available on social media and email lists, when those phases begin in Mississippi!

Will fall retreats be affected?

At this point in time, we have no reason to believe that our fall retreats and rentals will be canceled. We will update all affected parties if that time comes.

How can I help camp?

Prayers and financial support are going to be needed to maintain our core staff and facilities. With the loss of retreat and camper revenue, our budget has taken over $600,000 loss. We’ve cut back as much as we can for expenses and have eliminated a couple of seasonal staff positions already.

You can donate to CLS on our website under the support tab or mail a check to

Camp Lake Stephens

117 Camp Lake Stephens Drive

Oxford, MS 38655.


Once we get into Phase II and Phase III, we may also have work group or other volunteer opportunities

The Summer Camp program invites children and youth of all ages to experience fun and fellowship in the midst of God’s creation.

Retreat season is a time for groups of all ages and the surrounding community to experience the sacred grounds of camp in the non-summer months.

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The Outdoor Education program, which includes Wilderness Adventures and Environmental Learning, gives students the opportunity to learn more about the natural world.

Mission Statement

Camp Lake Stephens, a United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center, is committed to being a place where children, youth, and adults can encounter God and respond in faith to God’s call to transform the world.