Since 1946, Camp Lake Stephens has served as a sacred and transformative place for the Mississippi Methodist Conference and beyond. Through fellowship, worship, relaxation, hospitality, and renewal, Camp Lake Stephens strives to foster growth in God through Jesus Christ by sharing its unique living, learning, Christian environment. Whether you are interested in a general gift, or supporting one of Camp Lake Stephen’s programs, please know that you are transforming lives!

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$50 – $75 items

  • Sprout Balls (6)
  • Archery Arrows (2 packs)
  • 4-Square Balls (4)

$100 – $150 items

  • Fire Pit for LIT CabinsĀ 
  • New Bibles for campers (5)
  • Pool Lounge Chairs (2)

$175 – $250 items

  • Kayak Paddles (5)
  • Paddle Board (1)

$350 item

  • Drone for video production

Also appreciated

  • Donated furniture for lodging spaces, and much more!

Christmas is almost here!

Are you right in the middle of this year’s Christmas shopping? If so, you should consider fulfilling one of our Christmas wishes!


Your support towards the annual fund puts your dollars right were Camp Lake Stephens needs it the most. You could be funding monthly utility bills, paying for pool chemicals, purchasing new canoe paddles, supporting ongoing repairs to buildings, or paying a summer staff member. The annual fund is approximately 17% of our yearly budget. Your support makes it possible to fully fund our life-changing ministry.


Over the decades, Camp Lake Stephens has provided opportunities for many youth and adults who are not able to pay for camp. We have been blessed to help meet the financial needs to anyone who needs assistance. Annually, over $11,000 is raised for camper scholarships, which allows those with lower incomes to participate in our summer and retreat programs and experience the joy of camp ministry. By supporting the scholarship fund, you can play a part in opening up the doors of camp to those in need.


When you support capital projects, you help Camp Lake Stephens continue to accommodate its growing number of guests, revitalize facilities, and provide much needed accessibility upgrades. With your donation, we will able to renovate the Sally J. Stephens Dining Hall, improve the pool area, and as we look forward to another 75 years of ministry, provide the resources to meet the needs of the next generation of campers.

Your planned gift allows you to create and brand your legacy of faith by preserving Camp Lake Stephens for future generations. Give the gift that costs nothing in your lifetime! For more information, please contact Rich Swartwood or David Carroll to discuss how you can make a legacy gift.